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Open Your Gate To Japan.

Expand your business with Tracy's Trading!

"Experience the Allure of Doing Business in Japan: Warmth, Delicious Food, Clean Streets, and Trustworthy Partners."

We are a marketing and sales strategy firm. Based in Tokyo, where diversity thrives, we navigate cultural differences while providing comprehensive support for seamless entry and growth. ​ Trust our market research expertise to inform your product development, optimize marketing efforts, and drive successful sales strategies. Come to Japan and let us take care of your business journey!


We'll find the distributors and traders for you as your sales broker.

What we'll do includes followings:

Phone Calls

Make phone calls for you.


Send emails for you.

Set the Meetings

Arrange meetings for you.


2F-C Shibuya Dougenzaka Tokyu Build., 2-10-8 Dougenzaka, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 150-0043


Thanks for submitting!

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